Today, one of my adult daughters sent me an interesting link to a DMN Article written by Ed Stetzer & Andrew MacDonald. It caused no small stir.




Initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it. I’ve not really known exactly what to do with the vortex of information that comes at me at an unreal, high-velocity rate of speed and excessive force these days… these COVID-Days.


But, because it was sent to me by my daughter, I began to read the article. As I began the second paragraph, I could feel my heart rate increase a bit. Moving into the third and fourth sections of the piece, I began to nod a bit, in agreement. I found myself feeling a little convicted. Had I behaved that way, too? DO I jump on bandwagons? If I am, why aren’t my friends alerting me?


Before things spiraled too far out of control, I realized something. We’re all on the same side. Why don’t we act like it when it comes to things like this? Have we forgotten what unity looks like?


I encourage you to read the article with an open HEART and allow no small stir. Allow God to REALLY stir you up – FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE!


Tap to read: Gullibility is not a virtue.



Behold Her Life.

You just never know

what she’s got going

on in the background

or behind her mask.


We would all do better in this season by turning off the screens and getting before God in prayer. In unity.





Ed Stetzer is a professor at Wheaton College and executive director of the Billy Graham Center.

Andrew MacDonald is associate director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center.

They wrote this column for The Dallas Morning News.