It’s been a little while since I posted a “Beauty” entry!

I was thinking this morning that this mirror image we see when we are applying makeup or as we are cleaning up our eyebrows is not at all what other see when they look at us. It is certainly not what The Lord sees! He sees BEAUTY.

Think about it for just a moment. What do you see? What DO you see? What do YOU see? What do you SEE? Now, let’s ask something different. Who do you see? WHO? Do you see the person you are at the Mom’s meetings? Bible study? Work? School? In the parking lot when someone has nabbed “your” spot? Do you see you before coffee? Before quiet time? Do you see the Christ? I asked myself these questions today. Regardless of my answers, HE SEES a Crown of Beauty!

I was in a bit of a hurry, but I disallowed the enemy to concern me with that. Instead, I looked at myself in the mirror until I saw Him. Until I saw the Lord in my countenance. I gazed until I had said enough Truth to myself that I was at peace with who I saw. Ya know,I want my face to always have a cheerful look! I want others to see the very best ME. But, more than that, I want my Abba Daddy to see that! I want to see myself as He sees me. He sees a Beautiful Daughter.

What do you see?

Now, what do we choose to see when we look at others? Yikes, this one question can wreck me, sometimes. Really. Do I see a Crown of Beauty or His Beautiful Daughter?

I know there are some days when people may look on my exterior and wonder if I even own a bit of makeup or if I ever choose to wear contacts! Do we look at others that way? Do we see someone who has a down-turned mouth or a sour disposition and immediately take on that same face or posture? Maybe, we attempt to give them a cheerful look. Or, we pray for that person to brighten and be enlightened to the blessings? Are we afraid they might be mean to us?
Well, it’s probably not the same every, single time! I mean, y’all, I don’t always immediately go to the Holy Response. I try to be mindful. But sometimes, before I run into people, maybe I am not happy with what I see in my own image! That sets the tone. HE sees Beauty.

If we determine within ourselves to see ourselves and others the way God sees us/them, we may find more opportunities to be HIS Cheerful Face to ourselves and, thereby, to them!

So there was this time when I was taking my two daughters for some college visits. It was a trip designed to double as a Spring Break Getaway. So, we went to Austin, Texas to visit the UT Campus there. We did a lot of fun touristy things like, Amy’s Ice Cream and The Food Trucks & Bats on South Congress, Antique Shopping and things of that sort.

When we were headed back to our hotel, we came straight up congress. We (my two Career Private Christian Schooled Spirit Filled Virtuous Daughters and I) had been discussing throughout the trip how diversity in God’s people is so wonderful and our differences in appearance can be the very things to strike up conversations, etc. We came to a stop at a Red Light. Lots of traffic was all around us. And, there was a bike lane! I said how clever! That’s a great safety feature for bicyclists!

And just as the words left my mouth, a cyclist pulled into that lane and to a stop at the same Red Light. And, he was NAKED! Completely Naked. Stopped on the passenger side of our car. You cannot UNsee that. Talk about DIVERSTY!  I couldn’t look away. My girls were mortified and speechless, then squealing, and immediately judging the entire city by that one dude, naked at the day he was born riding a bike in Austin, Texas.

Austin is weird, y’all. That’s not a secret, that’s on a T-shirt. But, God loves Austin, too. And, the guy on the bike, who thought he was back in The Garden; He loves him, too.

That’s an extreme case, I know. BUT – If one of God’s children who professes Him as their Lord ans Savior walks around like a crab-apple, or rides a bike naked, the entire group is looked at, as such. It’s so true: We never know what we might see at any given moment in this crazy world, right? Likewise, we never know who might see US! One thing we can be certain of is this: If we are LOOKING for God in all things and people, we will find Him every where. Even in a naked cyclist! (He was smiling, by the way. That last little bit was free.)

When you look at others or in the mirror, what do you see?

Check out Behold Her Beauty for some Scriptures and other fun, helpful beauty tips, products, discounts and freebies. We all know it’s what’s on the INSIDE that really counts, but I’m gonna keep getting my hair done anyway. It won’t rule me or become my mistress, but I do want to look as great on the outside as I FEEL on the INSIDE!


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