December 1, 2018

The Joyful Life

The smell of the pages in a new book is one of my favorite things.  Until I received my first copy of The Joyful Life magazine I thought that was limited to books. When the Premier Edition arrived a bit ago I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It’s not a coated, flimsy rag, my sweet friends! It’s a very high-quality magazine I would almost categorize as a book!

Every article is chock-full of beautiful images and the words float off the pages. It’s relevant and beautiful. In fact, I am currently using it as a decorative addition to my coffee table collection.

Did I mention? I am also one of their 2019 contributors! I am so thrilled to be part of the team of writers who will fill your inboxes and the pages The Joyful Life throughout the year.

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