My kitchen faucet broke earlier this month.

When I moved into our home, it was 1999. I was a new solo mom. I had very little in the way of extra funds and the house needed a new kitchen faucet.  It had sprung a leak. So, I sprang for a new fixture and had it installed the day we moved in.

Since then, I’ve remarried an amazing, Godly man. We’ve replaced many things in this old house. It seems like there’s something always needing attention. A week ago, I turned on that same kitchen faucet and water shot straight out at me!  I quickly turned it off and examined my nearly 20-year-old faucet.  It had completely corroded where it connects to the sink.  My husband of five years and I determined it would need to be replaced. Sounded pretty simple.

It became something that was not simple at all. I went to find a faucet and found a great deal on a sink, instead.  Typically, that would not be something on my list of things to buy, at all.  But we are working toward listing our home for sale. And, the only room in the house that we have not updated is the kitchen. A new sink would really change the look of the kitchen. So, I purchased both, a sink and a faucet.

Who knew purchasing a sink would require thought to be given to the drain size and placement? I had no clue installing a sink could be difficult because of the type of supply line the house has. We also discovered the garbage disposal has to be a specific size to accommodate a sink’s depth. The sink is still out of commission until we get those answers.

All of these sink issues in the natural made a beeline to a parallel to some of my relationships and something in the supernatural, for me.

During seasons of my life, things have flowed really well – into me, through me and from me. Whether I was a mentor, a mentee, or working in ministry, things flowed smoothly in a steady flow at times.

I’ve also had my fair share of clogged drains. Anyone relate? Some were caused by me while other clogs occurred because I allowed people in my life to clog the flow.

Sometimes, the drains were intentionally plugged for a season, allowing a filling up. I’ve needed strong believers to fill me up at times with encouragement and truth. On the flip-side, I have been blessed to be able to fill others when it was needed.

Many times, the attempts to fill me up were unsuccessful. I was like a sink with an open drain where nothing was filling up. I’m sure there are people in my life who have felt like I was just a drain. Pouring in constantly and not seeing the water rise is very discouraging. In the natural, it’s wasteful. In the supernatural, I do not believe it’s a waste. I will pour out until I am empty, sometimes. If even one drop splashes and makes a difference, it was well worth the pouring!

Have you experienced periodic faucet corrosion in life?  I’m not certain how to prevent or detect this, still. Sometimes everything looks fine and functions fine until one day it just does NOT. I have found this in my own life, mind, heart, spirit. When this happens to a person, we categorize it as a “break” or they just “snapped” one day. I am certain there are signs to watch for in ourselves and others. I believe this is where Soul Shepherding and Soul Care come in.

The supply line I have for my life is not the same one I had in 1999 when I moved into this old house. The “pipe” from back in the day was wrong for the new fixtures my spirit was requiring. Sometimes, a change has to occur for there to be God-sized growth. Sweating new copper for more functional and updated fixtures is extra work. But, the benefit is worth it!

Looking closer, I’ve discovered the water pressure was not strong enough because the supply line was wrong.  We can only get through us what we are allowing to enter. If my supply line is the size of an ink pen, the faucet can only deliver that much water. I want my supply of God to be big enough for what He wants me to fill! That sometimes requires radical change.

Much like my kitchen sink drain issue, the center, single drain sink was not leaving room for a garbage disposal. Until I get a different disposal, I will just be without one. That requires being more cautious of what goes into the sink. Very strict boundaries, guidelines, and filters are required. This is a HUGE thing for me. I talk about healthy boundaries a lot. But, I wonder if I actually have them.

A dear friend visited me this week and mentioned a book called Boundaries (click to view). It’s interesting that she would mention this. Since August, I have been working on how to establish boundaries with friends, family, work, writing, clients, and whatever else creeps in.  As I am gaining more understanding of Radical Obedience, I am realizing that I must put boundaries in place.

My good old standby answer is the one where I do the whole WWJD thing. What would Jesus do?

Well, I have found some answers in The Word. These really staggered me at first! Watch for my Boundaries Blog coming the week of Thanksgiving.

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