The podcast is available!
I was a guest on the Brilliantly Brave Parenting Podcast. And it’s LIVE TODAY wherever you listen to podcasts! Instagram: @brilliantlybrave
I’m super excited and a little nervous to share some Solo-Mom Truths of my own life with y’all! God is so generous. I surely never felt brilliant or brave in my Parenting all these years. It mostly resembled sorta the opposite! My journey started in 1997 with a separation and it was quite a road from there to here.

But, God.
God had people, places, things and ideas lining my path. The last 20+ years of life hold far more than a single podcast can hold!
Today is also the eBook launch day for me. Another “shaking in my boots” moment. It’s mentioned on the podcast.  The eBook is a lengthy devotional of sorts, really. So it’s a quick read! Everyone who has subscribed to my website email list will receive a complimentary copy. But, if you’re not subscribed, it can be purchased on my website!
My family members are the most important people in my life. I am so proud they belong to me! I’m thankful to have walked (and continue walking) this road with them!
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