International Women’s Day 2015


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Many people are so excited about International Women’s Day today!

At #BeholdHerLife we believe every day we should Behold the Women in our lives… BUT, If there IS a day set aside to honor women, why not check that out?

So, we did. This is what we found:

Today is a day that has been marked for equality for women and celebrating the accomplishments of women.

My thoughts are immediately driven to the women I know, personally. I have seen so many women pour into generations of females of all ages, spiritually. I have watched torches pass in families, work and church families. From birth to end of life, the continuum of care for women BY women is so key – it knits together families and builds a full force of dynamic women warriors in our society!

But mostly, everything comes back to LOVE. I was sharing last night at a special church event that LOVE disarms the enemy! LOVE disarms personal agendas and selfish, self promoting motives!

As you step through your day, walk BOLDLY in being a woman. Walk in LOVE. Disarm the enemy with that LOVE.

You know, there is actually a part of the brain that makes a woman a “woman” – in the realm of nurturing, it’s the part of the brain that makes us desire to care for others, to breast-feed or to tend to a crying baby (whether ours or someone else’s). Men have that same part build into their brains, too! For women, it’s the size of a small fruit, like a plum…for a man, it is the size od a pea…the size of a cat’s brain. We ARE set apart by LOVE, my sweet friends! We are NOT equal…we are #MORE in so many ways!

Happy International Women’s Day!
Remember to LOVE one another and #BeholdHerLife

Just sharing a bit of info… I’d love to hear what you think about this:–PnF_ng

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