I LOVE Mondays. I generally will hit the ground running, setting a productive tone for my week.

Tuesdays are kind of “meh..” for me. Usually, I am waiting for a thumbs up from others regarding action steps I am waiting to take.

Wednesdays make me do a double take! If my week is like a bucket of popcorn, Wednesdays are the days are kind of like being halfway through the popcorn bucket at the movies, for me. Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack. LOTS of butter, no added shakes of salt. So, it’s hard to resist. I hit the ground running to consume that popcorn when my hind end hits the theater seat. My family knows I am not likely to share!

When I reach in and realize I am reaching pretty far into that bucket, I’m always surprised. HOW did I eat THAT much popcorn so fast? I peer into the bucket to verify that I have indeed reached the middle. It’s HALF GONE!  I typically think I should slow down the rate at which I am consuming my favorite snack – or else it will all be gone before the movie ends. I need to make sure I make that second half last. Also, have you ever noticed how the butter never gets past the halfway mark of the bucket?

It’s an energy and focusing thing for me. Today is Wednesday. So much of my week is already gone and I still have so much to do. But, my “popcorn” is running low! My energy needs to last until Friday. My focus must stay concentrated on the things I am doing.

I get caught up in the “but, LIFE is happening!” thoughts. But, GOD.

Philippians 2:12 (MSG) reminds me that I am to live in responsive obedience. I am always needing a reminder that my energy is God’s energy. Layering in a renewing of my mind is crucial when my calendar is so full!

In Mark 5:30 (MSG) a woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ robe was supercharged, supernaturally! Sometimes, we just need to reach for the hem of his garment. A little bit of Jesus goes a long way!  Simply remembering that Jesus loves me gives me more energy than anything I could find in this world!

One way I have learned to stay focused and not to exert ALL my mental & physical energy when I hit the ground running on Monday is to keep a Scripture Calendar pinned on the wall next to my desk. I have set reminders, daily, at times I am typically at an energy lull. Those reminders point me to a time-out for myself and to look at a calendar that has a scripture and a topic assigned to each day of the month.

I’ve set the calendar I use as the photo for this blog post because it’s been such a great tool for me.

Grab a screenshot and check your popcorn level! The second half of your bucket absolutely can last for the rest of this movie when God is your butter. Layer that butter in, as that popcorn bucket is filled. Then, you will have butter all the way to the credits.

I’m praying for you this week!

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