Praying for a Spouse Day One

In 31 Prayers for My Husband, day one, I began with the introduction. I really enjoyed reading the foundation for the writings from Jennifer, the author.

I also took time to read what other readers had to say about it!

I especially appreciated the prayer she entered in the intro for the women reading the book.  It is so encouraging there is someone who is holding me up while I’m walking out this challenge!

Day one was focused on praying for my husband’s leadership in our home. As a former, career-solo parent and head of household, this one thing has been a challenge for me the entire time I’ve been married. Allowing my husband to lead when I had done it myself for so long was a real internal power struggle with external consequences!  I meditated on the prayer through the day and by the end of the day had been praying it with my husband’s name added throughout.

The Scripture text for today was Ephesians 5:23

Which book are YOU reading? What were your take-always?

Leave a comment or email me – if you’d like to share!

Also, it’s not too late to join us!  Grab the book or follow a link download it here:

31 Day Challenge

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