Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man.

That sounds corny.  Let me start over.

Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man!

It’s true. Corny, perhaps. But TRUE, none-the-less.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of expressing love.

He really does this daily!

Most mornings begin with him leaving to go to the gym.  He brings a hot Honey Bee non-fat + extra honey latte to me from CJ’s Coffee Cafe – which is my fave, btw. You have to go there.  And sometimes, on his way to work – where he commutes 45 mins every day – he brings me another one!  We send each other sweet messages and spend time at night talking about The Lord or Ministry, reading together or watching a program.

Sometimes, chaos and discord strike.  It happens.  It takes us a while (hours, days or weeks) to get back to Valentine’s Day level of affection. BUT that never changes how much I love this man God gave to me.  I know we will hit bumps in the road in our relationship, but I also know as long as we desire to recover from them, we will.

Love covers all.

I hope you had a LOVE-ly Valentine’s Day!




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