Praying for a Spouse Day Twelve

1 John 2:16

I woke up this morning thinking about how I really like the gym my husband goes to – because there are no women there.  I trust my husband.  But I do not trust the enemy and I certainly do not trust other women.  So, this gym is a perfect fit for me for him.

He has spoken recently about changing gyms to go to a less expensive one that has a shower facility.  Changing gyms is also much more conducive to his 40 minute commute.  The gym he is considering, I am told, is also flooded with women.  And with that thought, I became flooded with panic.

You see, I feel like am the the girl in the “before” picture in the gym.  My husband is the hunk in the “after” picture at the gym.  That’s a whole different blog. The Comparison Trap is not going to ensnare me

I opened my book of prayers as I was walking through all these thoughts and, ta-da!

“Freedom from Lust” is the title of the prayer today.  Glory!

I was reminded of so many things.  And I’ve prayed this prayer many times today.

I pray against the enemy in his attempts at corrupting my man.  He is MY hunk!  And I pray that anything that attempts to come against that strong bond we share would be destroyed, in Jesus’ name.

I am thankful that he says he thinks I am beautiful.  Every day he writes how much he loves me on my coffee collar – which comes from the local coffee shop directly across from his current gym (yes, I will be giving up the daily grind if he switches gyms, too.). But, if he determines that changing gyms will be better for him and will lower his stress in his commute and in finances, I will trust and yield!

Thank you, Lord for allowing my Hunky Hubby to see me as a Beautiful Queen.  Amen!


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