The power of your words-stronger than you think! Or maybe, you know already-bullies.

What you are saying and texting, posting, tweeting or gossiping about the girl you’ve targeted will stay with her.

When will you stop?
Will it be when it happens to you? When you reach high school? College? Adulthood? Maybe you’re already in high school, college or are an adult who still operates in the same way you do when you were younger! Stop now before you cause so much damage it cannot be reversed!

Won’t it be awkward when you run in to your high school classmate or college classmate at an interview and she says, ‘ oh, yes, I remember you. You were the bully who hurt me when I was in school. I’m sorry, we don’t have any positions available.’

Look at how you go through a day – then compare and contrast that with Christ. Are you coming close?

There are consequences for each word you speak. Speak like Christ! Speak life!

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#bully #cyberbully #meangirl


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