I first fell in love with Carousels when I saw the original Mary Poppins Movie, when I was a little girl.

The first time I remember riding a carousel was at Six Flags over Texas around that same time. I love to ride The Carousel!

When making my list of “things to do” on the recent trip Madison and I made to Orlando, Magic Kingdom’s Carousel was at the top of that list. If you’ve ever been, you may have noted the first ride you see as you pass through Cinderella’s Castle is The Carousel!

We took advantage of extended hours the night we arrived. And I jumped right on the Carousel! Wonder and excitement filled the air and memories of my childhood, my children’s Carousel rides and the moment I was in. None of them seemed so very different from one another! And then, it hit me: The Carousel was designed to do exactly that!

The Carousel even turns in reverse of time. Counter-clockwise. Making Memories is my favorite thing to do! ????????????

How about you? ????: @hellodarlingsocial

(Also, the shirt in the post photo was a gift from my daughter, Madison. It reads, “I’m done adulting. I’m going to Disneyworld.”)






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