I’ve always been comforted by the 23rd Psalm.  I’m sure it’s not only my “go-to” in times of distress. I remember when I was a little girl and something would be going wrong, I would head straight to my Bible. I was too small to know how to find Psalms in that great big book. But, I had a bookmark that I kept in my bible with that passage printed on it. I would read it and pray.

I eventually learned the books of the Bible and could find it on the actual Bible pages. After a little more time, it was a memory passage in Sunday School and Children’s Church. But, at age 10, we memorized it a verse at a time over several weeks. You know I could recite the whole thing faster than anyone! So, even then, I wasn’t mature enough to get more than the candy reward out of “hiding it in my heart.” I know it, though!  I have it memorized, even today.

I am in the midst of preparing for a retreat in April. To get prepped for the time away, I have been steeped in Psalm 23, as have the other attendees. My time away from my family, work, life, and ministry is very intentional – to be still, connect and hear from God.  I began by simply readying Psalm 23 and praying each day. My times of memorization as a young girl came to the surface of my memories. I began praying and meditating on one verse – which became my writing time each morning, as well.

I’ve found a few new things as I unpacked this passage as a nearly 50-year old wife, mom of adult kids and “Honey” to one sweet little toddle boy. I’ve found some treasures I want to share with you. You may have already uncovered these!  But, they are personal revelations for me.

Each week, a few times a week, until I go to the retreat, I will be sharing a few things I’ve discovered. I hope you will enjoy these and share them, too!

Stay steeped, y’all!


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