Nana loves Ira.

This was a precious moment.
I am thankful our phones have quick camera access! Capturing this sweet hug means so much to me for many reasons.
He’s two-and a half years old now. Ira loves to chat and read books – and take surprise gifts to people! I don’t know how much longer he will be a hugger and snuggler. But, on this particular day he surprised Nana with his “hugs and loves.”

It tickles me to see his excitement when he knows we are dropping in on Nana. Family is important to him. It’s part of what he is being taught. It was taught to me and I instilled it into my children. Even still, if someone had told me more than twenty-five years ago that I would have a picture of Cody’s son hugging Nana the same way he hugged her as a tiny boy, I would’ve had a difficult time imagining that!
Yet, here is that picture of the Boy’s little boy hugging his Nana. Ira is very much like his Daddy was when he was little! The home in this photo holds many lifetimes of memories for me, my kids, and now Ira is making some, too!

The generational blessings flow like raging rapids in our family and our roots run deep. My Nana has loved us well.


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