The 23rd Psalm.
Maybe you’ve seen an image when you’ve read this part of the passage. Picture this:
Still, quiet waters – maybe a stream or two of light slipping through the leaves and branches of the trees lining a brook – that’s what I have seen.
Recently, as I have been meditating on this scripture, I’m seeing something new. My focus has always been on the waters. This time around, other words stand out.

He leads me.

He LEADS me.

He leads ME.

I mean. Wow – that really makes my heart full! Also, I thought about how there are rarely any waters in our lives that are “quiet” – there’s always something happening. There’s always a need or a mountain to move. Guess who the Storm Chaser is. Guess who calms my raging seas. As He leads me, the waters quiet. I had just never seen that image.
Read it again with me, now.

*He leads me beside quiet waters.*

This time as we read, imagine all the waters ahead of us are crashing, slamming, wild rapids with a cliff hanger waterfall just ahead. But, as we walk with The Lord (The Shepherd) the waters become quiet.
Step by step, even in our fear and concern of roaring waters, if we stay in step with God, things quiet. Peace.
We cannot be truly refreshed when attempting to drink from violent waters. (Get THAT image!) But, as God leads, waters BECOME quiet. I now have an image of God leading me, calming waters and showing me the best place to get a thirst quenching sip from Living Water. HOW REFRESHING!

I’m walking toward something in my life that looks like a crazy, scary nor’easter! But, My God is leading me beside quiet waters. Amen!
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