Happy Fourth of July!


I love the USA.

I have always been moved to tears hearing the Star Spangled Banner sung at sporting events and fail not to shed a tear when I hear God Bless America!  When I see a flag flying at half staff, my spirit quickens.  My mind is brought to a place of prayer and comfort from my Heavenly Father for the family’s loved one for whom that flag is flying.  

So many of my own family members are currently or have been members of the military.  I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America!  I am thankful for my freedom that was established in 1776 ~ and for its daily maintenance, even through today. However, it is not without cost that my freedom stays intact.  

I am ever-reminded that God is blessing America from Sea to shining Sea!  This country was built on the belief that God not only exists, but that He prevails!  His hand and His Word are the foundation for this land.  This Independence day, as we are all eating our hot dogs and watching the fireworks explode above, I pray we are careful not to take for granted the rights and responsibilities of the freedom that is ours.  Thank you, Lord, for my home!Image

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