Praying for a Spouse Day Eighteen

Philippians 4:19

My Husband’s Needs are important.

Reading and meditating on this prayer today made me realize I ‘need’ to identify what his needs truly are.  Not what I think they are, but what his needs truly are.

I do desire for him to not just feel fulfilled in all he does, but that he IS fulfilled in all he does!  When he is working, I pray that he received the “atta boy” or congratulatory, affirming pat on the back from those he works with and for.  And when he is at home, that the kids and I will be very conscious and purposeful in thanking him for things he is doing.

For example, he brings a coffee to me on most mornings.  I don’t always thank him with my words.  I think he knows it’s appreciated by the “yuummmm” that escapes between sips of the molten honey vanilla goodness, but I could be wrong!  So, recently, I started calling him about 10 miles or so down the road, on my way to work.  I just want him to hear the words, “Thank you for my coffee. I appreciate that!”

I also have to remember while I want to know his needs, it is not my responsibility to meet all of them!  I loved the part of the prayer where we lay those needs at the feet of Jesus and pray all his needs be met by our Provider.  He, after all, knows what my Husband needs – better than I know!

Thank you, Lord, for meeting my Hubby’s needs.  Show me what I can do as his wife to better affirm him and meet the needs that I am designed to meet. Amen.

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