Praying for a Spouse Day Thirteen

Today’s Prayer is “Cultivating Romance” which is kind of cool because today is the 13th of the month.  In our relationship the 8th day of the month and the 13th day of the month have been very special for us.  Each of those days bears a special meaning.  SO, this prayer is timely.

We do a lot of list making and item checking – and missed item scrambling and forgotten list re-making.  And, for the most part we get a lot done!  My husband and I both work a full time job and have other ministerial commitments and responsibilities with our kiddos, as well as civic organizations and committees.  We are very motivated to “do” things.

I want to be at the top of his “to-do” list.  I want him to be at the top of mine. I feel like we see very little of each other, quite a bit.  And, I miss him.  When we are together, life and love are powerful!  We need more of that?  Anyone else needing the same?

We will all be praying for that TOGETHER, today!

Song of Solomon 1:2 is today’s scripture reference.

It is so important that I involve God in my romance with my Husband.  It’s paramount, in fact!  I pray we both be stirred to motivation in the area of cultivating romance.


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