Praying for a Spouse Day Three

Day three brought us to Encouragement.  Romans 15:13

Guys, I have been so excited!

That is one of my favorite things to do!  Actually, it’s just part of who I am!  So, I was super looking forward to hearing from him on how his day went – since I had been meditating on this prayer for encouragement for my man!

However, encouragement was not the overwhelming theme when he got home.  I was a little disappointed to hear he had not been feeling encouraged all day, at all!  And his boss was out of town.  How do I convey love and encouragement when he had such a bad day? My Lovey works hard and I thought I would hear awesome things.  I had not experienced a great day, personally, either.  Which actually made me SO glad I had been reading this book, meditating on the prayer for my husband and learning to trust in Him more!

So, instead of dwelling on what went wrong, I simply prayed that prayer again!  And I will add that prayer to Day Four!  God is so good  GENEROUS where His children are concerned.

THAT should bring all of us some encouragement.  Keep praying, no matter what.

How was your Day Three?

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