Praying for a Spouse: Guest Blogger

I am so excited about today’s blog!

I have been so moved by the texts and emails I have been receiving since we started this Thirty One Day Challenge.  Today, I received the following blog entry from a precious friend and she gave me permission to share it.  I am certain you will be blessed, touched and moved by what Sherrie has been bold enough to share with us.

She is reading the “Thirty One Prayers for my Future Husband” book.

So this is harder than I thought and a true test of my faith and the struggle I have going on in me.  I am reading these prayers and journaling and I  want so desperately to know there is a man out there that could posses all these qualities but there is the question mark over my head that he really is out there for me.   It’s a little emotional,  embarrassing and overwhelming all at the same time.  

I wrote this to my dear friend 5 days in,  I have kept on with the process feeling all these feelings and one thing God has reminded me of the last few days is that if I want these qualities in my future mate then I have to posses them as well.  I have to trust my heart to Him before I can give it to anyone else, He is giving me this time alone to trust and grow my relationship in Him.  Being single again after 23 years has been hard but I read something a while back that said ” A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him to find her. ” and this challenge has made me realize that that is the ONLY kind of man that I want in my life.  The one who seeks God to find me.   So I will continue to pray and grow and have the mustard seed of faith that my partner is out there..BUT either way at the end of the day I still win because I am only growing closer to God!!!  

Sherrie W.

If you have something you would be willing to share about your journey through this challenge, let me know.  I would love to encourage you and share your thoughts here, as well!  Keep praying, sisters.

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