Prove 1717This is the first February I have really, really been looking forward to in a very long time.  Being a solo mom for so many years, whether dating someone in February or not, I sort of conditioned myself to have no hope for the “love stuff” on Valentine’s Day.  Combine the absence of a strong Christian man in my life to share the day set aside for love with the fact that Winter is my least favorite season (STRONG winner of LEAST FAVE), February could be a pretty sticky month!  Sappy, sweet, mushy-gushy love stuff can be a little precarious for some lovable human beings!  I love Valentine’s Day, though…really!  I love to show people the love of God.  I did have moments where I wanted to snatch that little Cupid dude up by his pretty blonde locks and smash his red arrows over his cranium, but…it all came back to Proverbs 17:17.

And I am a friend!  First, I am a friend of God.  Because of that, I am a friend to others.  Regardless of whether there is romance in February or not, I AM LOVED!  And, so are you.  A friend loves at all times.  ALL times.  Valentine’s Day, too!

I am married now.  To a man who has pretty awesome moments of romantic gestures!  I sometimes have to remind him I love the romantic side of him – but most of the time, its just the LOVE he shows that is so tremendous!  So, after a few Valentine’s days during courtship, engagement and marriage, I am now allowing myself to hope…for romance on Valentine’s Day!  But, I have a lot of people in my life who are not in a position to experience the romance and the lovey-dovey business end of this “special” day in February.  I imagine you do, as well.  They should know they are loved!  Sharing Proverbs 17:17 with them and being a friend – over and above the normal – on Valentine’s Day is a good time to remind them of that.

There was always someone around me reminding me of how much I was loved – with no romantic gestures!

My kiddos were always the focus of my hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day when they were growing up.  We would have love, love and more love.  All focusing on God’s love for us.  Now, they are grown.  One is married, one is in College/ Working/ Serving in Ministry and one is in her Senior year of High School.  At different times, they have all had someone special in their lives on Valentine’s day.

This year, regardless of who is in their lives, I plan to make sure they know how loved they are by Our Heavenly Father and remind them of how much I love them.

I challenge you to find someone who may wish or long for the romance in their lives and direct them to the Author of Love.  God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.  Shower them with an abundance of love, affirmations and glitter hearts – if necessary!

Love covers everything.  It even covers what the world has conditioned us to see as a blank spot on Valentine’s Day.  God provides.  Love.  Great Love.  Immeasurable Love!

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