I took a trip to the edge of creation. It was a journey orchestrated by The Lord. A last minute trip to OBX for a Writers retreat in November 2018. Shine Retreat was hosted by my friend Jen (follow her at @jenreyneri.).  It was the most unexpected experience I’ve ever had. Nothing was what I imagined! It was all so much fuller, richer, Holy Spirit-er! During some free moments, I decided to read and write at the beach.
The beach.
The actual OCEAN BEACH.
This Texas Girl had never been to the ocean’s shore before. The Shores of Lake Texoma or the sandy Gulf of Mexico are about as beachy as I get.
I knew it would be beautiful. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. .
Reading God’s Word and listening to worship music while watching the waves come in and go out was something I will never forget.
The women who attended this retreat each have played a role in my story over the past year. They are all so special to me in different ways.
The story God is writing in each adventure I take is so beautiful.
Every single day is filled with adventures no matter where we are!
What’s your story?
What part in someone else’s story do you play?

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