Behold Her Transformation


I have so many friends who are facing changes in their lives right now.

One is moving.
Wait, no. THREE are moving.
Four are expecting babies.
Three have recently had babies.
Two wish they were expecting babies.
Two are facing separations.
Two are in the midst of divorces.
One is in her first adult dating relationship.
One is entering a new season of ministry.
Another is transitioning from having a full house to having an empty nest!
We need to listen and encourage one another!
I could continue to list more and more.
I am transitioning, too. In times of UN-certainty, we mustn’t take up residence in the UN-Neighborhood. Instead, let’s stay where we are certain.
We are all certain of a few things in our lives. And regardless of what is going on around me or the changes that are inevitable, I know I am held. I trust my Heavenly Father. I trust Him because this isn’t the first time I’ve transitioned. And, the outcome is ALWAYS – A L W A Y S – a Transformation!
I challenge you: If you are transitioning, and aren’t comfortable in the changes you’re experiencing, make a list. I’m a list girl. Make a list of transitions you’ve made in your life. No particular order is needed. Then, write down what transformation was made. Behold the transformations. God has and will continue to hold us all. Rejoice in that!
I believe The Lord allows transitions to bring about transformations. The caterpillar changing into a butterfly is the perfect example. That little ‘pillar had it in him the whole time to become a butterfly.
*short detour* He didn’t try to become a snake or something we would think is logical. He didn’t TRY to become anything. He became a butterfly. Opposite thinking is so powerful.
If we will rely on God and abide in Him through the transitions, the transformation will be beautiful. None of what we’re going through has slipped past God. Just four words, when we are at a loss for how to pray, will be sufficient:
Thy will be done.
If you’re wondering what my transition is, hang tight. Another blog is right behind this one. Remember to be kind. We are all going through something!
My love multiplied in His,
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