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Doodle Much?

[Affiliate Links to Highlighted Product Below] Doodling is soooo much fun!  I doodle when I am on a phone call, waiting in the Doctor’s office or even on my iPad. I used to get in trouble for drawing in my Bible.  Now, since I’m an adult an all, I do

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Behold Her Bracelets 

This blog post is sharing a special affiliate link – should you choose to purchase any product, it will result in compensation.   I just think these are such adorable bracelets!  AND they have a bracelets for charity section!  Bracelets are only $5! Take a peek – I’d LOVE to

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The Gift Card Game

I have been enjoying the spoils of about 15 minutes a day – when I can find the time – for about 3 years, now!  Swagbucks has helped me put fun gift cards into the hands of just about every single family member I have!  AND a few friends.  This

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Hysterical Part Two

When I last blogged about my current physical and medical state, I had just shared I was facing two options, medically, but was and am standing on total and complete healing from The Lord: Options are: 1. to do nothing and deal with the pain, allow the Uterus to continue

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Affiliate What?

Update 11/30/17 (scroll down for cool, new affiliate info and side-hustle gigs) Okay, so I know you probably have at least 3 apps running on whatever device you’re on – or maybe 9 windows open if you’re on the laptop!  I am totally not about wasting time, so, here’s the

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So, ya wanna be a product reviewer…

Wanna become a product reviewer? It’s free to sign up – just connect your social accounts & review products and places you already know to receive your first box! Sign up here: LINK FOR PRODUCT REVIEW

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Divine Direction Book

I recently was part of the promotional team for this book. And I just got an inside scoop that the book is on sale today! $5! Click the link below to get your copy!

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Super Sale!

Don’t miss this Christian Boom Sale!

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Design your Day!

Design Your Day When every task, idea, list, and meeting are all floating around in my head, it can make me begin to feel anxious.  Of course, the verse comes to mind – do not be anxious about anything – I know this one, all too well.  It is a

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