It’s official – I’ve launched an Amazon Storefront!

I shop LOCAL in my hometown. However, if I can’t find it LOCALLY, then, I look on Amazon.

Amazon Storefront… It’s not really as fancy as it sounds. If you’re interested in opening one, shoot me an email. I would love to share the info with you.

Here’s how it will work:

Each week (or more often, as time allows), I will be curating the BEST DEALS to add to my Amazon Shop. Tech items have been my most favorite item to pick up. I love the Amazon Echo products. Recently, I spotted a cool plug for an outlet. It says it’s smart. I can’t wait to find out!

Then, as items are no longer great deals, I will remove them from my lists, adding new ones to replace them.

What’s even more important is your input. Have you found a cool item, recently? When you send a link to me and I will highlight it.

Now, if you haven’t signed up for FREE TRIAL of Amazon Prime, then this is a GREAT time to do it!

Now, you may be REALLY great at finding deals on Amazon. If so, then maybe you need to be an Amazon Influencer, too. Again, reach out to me!

Shop here: Behold Her Southern Life for all things Coffee, Books, QuaranTEAM, and Seasonal Faves of mine!

If you’re having a tough time teaching kiddos at home, then I have a solution for you. Having unlimited children’s programming is HUGE at my house this summer! Educational AND entertaining for little Ira. What are YOU streaming? We’re always looking for new programming.

Finally, what items are YOU loving on Amazon? Shoot me an email

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