Are you Stirring things up on Social Media?

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Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works!
Using social media for The Kingdom, for encouragement, for sharing our lives – stirring one another up to LOVE.

THAT is the goal!
Sure, we share recipes, family pictures and selfies etc. But, just as any other thing in our lives, we must use self control and not exploit people for a cause, or a cause for self-gain.  

A good rule of thumb for any post is to ask a few questions:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it necessary?

If it is both, proceed…

3. Does it end with you?  If it ends there, it’s not God – maybe it’s GOOD.  But it’s not God!

We are made to love Him and give Him the Glory. A Godly Legacy can only exist if something begins AND continues! What’s your Social Media Legacy Looking like? What will your infant say in 9 years when he or she catches up with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other?
I coached Varisty Cheerleaders for 13 years – I learned all of this as I went! And, have continued to study it because I work in the marketing industry. For 16+ hours a day, sometimes, I use these tools and teach others to use Social Media responsibly. When I started coaching cheer, Facebook was still a college project for Founder Mark. I don’t think he knew how BIG this would get. The same is true for OUR online presence. So, dig deep.  Build a sustainable Social Media infrastructure now for yourself and model it for your children. It’s a portion of your Legacy.

Go ahead – Smirk in mirror selfies, pipe your polical wildfire, promote yourself or your brand – but remember it’s your Legacy. Make sure it matches your CHRISTIAN WALK or you will have NO influence ANYWHERE! Glorify God and Increase the Kingdom with your Social Media! And STIR IT UP that way!  


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