I have been waiting to share what’s been going on with me this Summer.

It’s been quite the road trip, literally and figuratively!  My Lovey and I have been to and from Tennessee once and have another jaunt on the calendar just before Fall begins. We’ve experienced a beautiful personal revival together and a Jubilee in our Church Family, home, and marriage. I am writing and working a lot. Also, something new has sparked my creativity in the month of June (my Birthday month). And I just believe July is going to be one for the books, I am certain!

With my platelet counts slipping just below the 1M mark on the regular, my oncologist is catching my optimistic vision. My energy levels have been thread bare. But, my heart is full of love and I feel fully known by those I choose to share my moments with. I am so grateful for my soul-mates.

If you have zero clue what I am talking about, no worries. It’s all in God’s hands!

Many of you may know I’ve been writing a book (rather, a series of them)

for some time. And, I am a member of hope*writers, a lovely, growing writing community and online education group.

ICYMI, they’re doing something they only do twice a year:

offering a package of hope*writer training to non-members. 

It’s only available through Friday night.

The Summer Writer’s Bundle  has 4 sections:

  • The 90 Day Direction Course
    • Learn the basic components you need to take the next step in your writing and create a practical 90 day plan to get going.
    • Find your niche and identify your ideal reader
    • Follow simple steps to influence and income
    • Overcome discouragement, comparison, and impostor syndrome
  • The Perfect Writing Day Course
    • Learn a writing routine that works no matter how much (or how little) time you have.
    • Design a perfect writing day for you
    • Follow a simple system to follow to get writing done
    • Maximize the time you have
  • The Editor Bundle
    • Get insider writing and publishing advice from three first-class editors.
    • Learn what editors look for in a book proposal
    • What to do if you have a small platform
    • Write without becoming overwhelmed by the publishing business Bundle
  • The Agent Bundle
    • Three top agents share their secrets to help you craft your proposal, land an agent, and get a publisher’s attention
    • Discern if you need an agent
    • Learn to know when you’re ready to pitch your book proposal
    • Discover ways to find an agent and what to do when you contact them

How much is it? $97.

The two courses have sold for $197 each. The Editor and Agent Bundles have never been sold – they will be priced at $47 each when we sell them alone. That’s $488 worth of writer content. $97 saves you 80%.  Totally worth every penny. EVERY penny.

Who exactly is it for? Who will it help?

Writers who:

  • have trouble finding time to write
  • want to discover their niche and ideal reader
  • want to be a working writer while keeping their sanity and integrity
  • are looking for clarity, inspiration, direction, and a deeper understanding of the writing and publishing world

A little overwhelmed? Me too – and FULL of questions. Here’s the list of the top questions writers need to ask.

Follow me on Instagram. I really want to connect with you and listen. Where are you? Who are you? What’s going on with you? I wonder if you’re where I’ve been or where I might be heading. DM me on Instagram.

Smile at the next “her” you run across. Behold her life. Ya never know what might be going on in her life.

Blessings and grace,


p.s. right or wrong, write, y’all!

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