What’s it all for?

It’s just not about Melanie. It’s not.
It’s IS all for HIS Name’s sake.

When pulling apart the phrases of Psalm 23 I often tugged on the smallest or simplest words – the ones I would typically skip right over.
This particular 4-word section starts with the word “for” which indicates there’s a reason or purpose. FOR. For what? What’s it all for, y’all?

It cannot be all about ME. If that’s the case – strike that – WHEN that is the case, it’s NOT about God. Any time I’ve become self centered, I’m surely not acting on behalf of The Lord. As a Child of The Most High King, everything we do is connected to Him. FOR His Name’s sake.

Being focused on who HE says we are is crucial! Think about this: as His children, we are made in His image. The things we walk through are for His name’s sake & to bring HIM glory!

We have purpose.
He created us with purpose!

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