Sooo… CBS did a piece this morning about Cheerleaders who are here in Texas ~ Painting Encouragement from the Bible (A BOOK) Quoting scriptures of encouragement for their team. Someone complained…and now, theres a huge case in court about freedom of speech and so forth.

This really made me think this morning. I think it’s very cool that media is covering this for a lot of reasons, but as many of you know, Encouragement and Cheerleaders are kind of my thing.

So … let’s talk.

Should Cheerleaders be allowed to shout about their faith? Write and PAINT signs about their faith? Why involve our personal faith?

3 words – Jerico’s walls fell.

Free speech. It’s more than that! It’s a lifestyle of encouragement.

In a world where we are constantly using the person next to us or above us as a stepping stone to advance ourselves, encouragement is difficult to see – even in middle school or high school.

Encouragement is scriptural. Cheerleading as a sport and ministry is the most scripturally backed sport in the bible! The Word of God and sharing our faith is key!

In 2003, I began what has become a now thirteen (going on thirty) year adventure in Christian Cheerleading. I stepped in to choreograph and help out at a small, private Christian School with their cheer program. It has been an amazing journey! Watching the teams I’ve coached grow from 5 in member numbers to 12-18! I’ve seen many of these girls grow into amazing young women of virtue, marry, have children, go to college, etc. I’ve seen 5 of the cheerleaders I’ve coached go forward to cheer at the university level. Five. From one sport. At a small private Christian school. That’s more than skill. Only one was ‘scouted.’ The others wanted to continue to encourage others.

People ask me what the big deal is with Christian cheer and what is different about it. Cheerleading has a negative connotation much of the time. From stereotyping us as dumb blondes & snobs to the unthinkable!

And of course: The sixty four dollar question of ‘is cheerleading a sport?’ is ever present, looming and is answered differently depending on who is answering! But my answer remains the same. Sport, or not, at Texoma Christian School, and in my career of coaching Cheerleaders, it is more important to be encouraging than it is to have hyper-extended jumps! Our faith and Gods word are aligned with Cheerleading! Just as Paul and Barnabas were ENCOURAGERS in lives of others, the TCS Cheerleaders are ENCOURAGERS in the lives of the athletes, coaches, staff, teachers and student body on our campus. Ultimately, they are becoming encouragers on University campuses, the workplace, with their husbands, children and families! It’s a lifetime lifestyle sport!

It is imperative for us to remain focused on others and on how God sees them, rather than the shirt skirts and bows! A byproduct of coaching faith based Cheerleading and using it as a ministry is a paradigm shift in the entire tone of a school.

I’m not coaching cheerleaders to shout or paint scriptures. I’m not even coaching them with the hope of seeing competition trophies! I am coaching them with the hope and promise of their hearts & lives being transformed into lifelong ENCOURAGERS. In and out of uniform and everywhere they are, as Christian Cheerleaders, they lead Cheerfully as Christ-followers.

We proudly wear and paint Christ’s name on our uniforms, shirts, signs and transportation!

Praying for a ruling in favor of God’s word staying in cheerleading for Kountze!

Scripture references:

God quite simply told Joshua to have the people to march in silence, in circles, around Jericho for six days, and then on the seventh day to give out a loud shout!

Though it seemed foolish, Joshua followed God’s instructions to the letter. When the people did finally shout, the massive walls collapsed instantly, and Israel won an easy victory. In fact, God had given the city of Jericho to them before they even began to march around its walls (Joshua 6:2, 16). It was when the people of God, by faith, followed the commands of God that the walls of Jericho fell down (Joshua 6:20).

Who do we need to follow these instructions today??
The apostle Paul tells us: “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4). The description of the complete destruction of Jericho recorded in Scripture teaches us several life lessons. Most importantly,obedience, even when sounds ridiculous, brings victory in God. When we’re faced with what seems to be against all odds, we must learn that our Jericho-life victories are only won through faithful obedience to God in its fullness (Hebrews 5:9; 1 John 2:3 & 5:3).

There is a major conflict between God’s way and the way of our world (Isaiah 55:8-9) so when you’re looking for logical, keep looking past that for what works…look for the God-gical.

Kountze Cheerleaders, do not grow weary, friends!


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