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Stay At Home Moms & Empty Nesting

I remember being I stay at home mom. I felt myself losing my autonomy pretty soon after my first daughter was born . A friend of mine was in a really cool make up business. You know, one of the direct selling MLM businesses. She would go to peoples houses

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I’ll be at the barre.

So, a few years ago, I retired from teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. My physical activity dropped significantly. And, when you’re over 40, no activity, and no change in diet lead to the same thing – gaining weight. Tennis, dance and cheer. That’s the short list. Okay, that’s the ENTIRE

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Influenster #OriginsTribe

Today was a fun day as far as the mail run goes! I am still battling the flu and I am proud to say I am winning. I received a little bit of happy mail today from Influenster! { Anybody notice “flu” is in the middle of that word? }

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Money Saving Mommy

Make a Baby Book Online

I’m so excited I found BLURB! Now, I can make a Baby Book Online for little Baby Ira.  Printing pictures used to be the thing to do.  Now, creating a digital book I can print looks like it’s replacing scrapbooking. I have a special offer link if you’d like to

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Learning to “Zip It” Changed My Life.

Click here to buy before the sale is gone!  Zip It on sale! DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK! Today, it’s only $1.99! This real-read is changing my life, daily! Karen’s book covers eight major topics: taming our tempers, sarcasm, gossip, gracious speech, sweet and salty language, asking for forgiveness, whether to speak

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Praying for a Spouse Day Twelve

1 John 2:16 I woke up this morning thinking about how I really like the gym my husband goes to – because there are no women there.  I trust my husband.  But I do not trust the enemy and I certainly do not trust other women.  So, this gym is

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