She considers a field…and buys it.

Proverbs 31 speaks of a woman of virtue…it mentions how she considers a field and buys it ~ from her profits, she plants a vineyard! So, when she buys the field, clearly she doesn’t just let it sit there! She works it and has a harvest, sells it and profits what is needed to plant a vineyard.

Whether you have a field or not, you have something to work at! Be creative!

So many people I meet wonder how I get things free or how I earn money while shopping. So, I’m here to share! There are so many ways to get things free or almost free. I have found some super cool ways to earn points to redeem for gift cards and ways to earn cash from rebates when I purchase items that are recommended by certain cell phone apps! Today, I earned $13.75 in one trip to Target!

Where there is money to be saved, there is money to be earned!

I want to encourage you all to try one of these time saving, money making, rewarding apps. Let me know what you think!

1. iBotta is the first one I use ~ I was referred to try it about 3 weeks ago – Recommended by Katie Couric! Follow this link to download it and start getting rebates today!

2. Shopmium is another one I’ve used 3 – 4 times and have earned around $6 so far. Hey! They give you a free chocolate bar first thing! The one I bought was a $2.25 value…Lindt! Delicious! A Lindt chocolate bar… for FREE!
PLUS Earn actual cash when you purchase grocery items highlighted on the app! Rebates are so easy ~ just scan your items with the app and scan the receipt ~ hit send, and cash in!

How? Just download Shopmium on your iPhone

and sign up with this referral code YGCCGKQW to get the free candy!

3. Shopkick is great!

I am loving this app! Earn KICKS to redeem for giftcards! It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt while you’re shopping! Find the items listed at specific stores and scan the barcodes to earn kicks! Or simply walk in to a store to earn. No purchase required! My friends and daughters are loving this app! I’ve already earned enough to get a starbucks card ~ but I’m saving for the ipad! Fun fun for free free! Check it out and get 50 free kicks when you click the link here!

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Remember, you are a woman of virtue…go get that vineyard! Work your field!

Start with what you have!

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