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Praying for a Spouse Day Three

Day three brought us to Encouragement.  Romans 15:13 Guys, I have been so excited! That is one of my favorite things to do!  Actually, it’s just part of who I am!  So, I was super looking forward to hearing from him on how his day went – since I had

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Praying for a Spouse Day One

In 31 Prayers for My Husband, day one, I began with the introduction. I really enjoyed reading the foundation for the writings from Jennifer, the author. I also took time to read what other readers had to say about it!

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Ready or Not

… Here I Come! I keep seeing alllllll these posts about how incredibly ready people are to kick 2016 out and welcome in the new year.  I can totally relate, most years.  But,

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Wife Life Struggles

 PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES After almost 16 years of solo-parenting, I became a wife to a Godly (WARRIOR SUPER HERO) husband! Since 2013, as a new wife, I am learning more and more with every wrong turn!  I am sooooo very far from perfect in my wife-ing!  However, I have some

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